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White House Shifts Into Damage Control Mode
3/24/2017 07:11:24 PM
Although President Donald Trump publicly blames Democrats for the bill's defeat, behind the scenes some place the blame elsewhere. "This is 100 percent a Ryan failure," one senior administration official says. Others though downplay any tension between the two men.
Health Stocks Surge On News That GOP Pull Health Bill
3/24/2017 06:35:01 PM
A look at how the markets are reacting to the defeat of the American Health Care Act.
‘Today’s A Great Day For Our Country’: Dems Celebrate Health Plan’s Collapse
3/24/2017 06:08:46 PM
House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi credited the win partly to the American people who voiced their concerns about repeal plans. "Our phone lines were all deluged," she said.
Next Steps Uncertain For GOP, As Defeat Weighs Heavy On Future Goals
3/24/2017 05:59:16 PM
“If you look at this health care problem, it’s not going away. At some point, we’re going to have to come back to this," said Rep. Bradley Byrne of Alabama. But Republicans don't appear to have a clear path forward of what that looks like.
House Leaders ‘Came Up Short’ In Effort To Kill Obamacare
3/24/2017 04:18:56 PM
President Trump and Speaker Ryan agree to withdraw their legislation that would overhaul the federal health law.
Failing To Whip Up Support, House Leaders Pull Replacement Bill From Floor
3/24/2017 03:04:35 PM
At press conference, House Speaker Paul Ryan acknowledges the setback but says his party remains committed. "The best days are ahead" for the country, but "Obamacare is the law of the land," he says, and "we're going to live with it" for the foreseeable future.
Insurers May Notch Bigger Profits From Fewer Customers In ‘Trumpcare’
3/24/2017 12:21:07 PM
As Congress and the White House try to strike a bargain on an Obamacare repeal plan, the insurance industry likes what it’s seeing.
Viewpoints: Support For Paid Leave; Immigrants Afraid Of Seeking Care
3/24/2017 10:30:17 AM
A collection of opinions on health care from around the country.
Essential Health Benefits Reviewed: ‘Galling’ Return To Bad Old Days; Lowering Premiums
3/24/2017 10:30:12 AM
Some opinion writers urge caution before jettisoning insurance guarantees, but premium costs appear to be at the heart of the argument to get rid of the health law's essential health benefits.
Health Debate Opinions: Crisis Is Not Trump’s Or Ryan’s Fault; GOP Failed Its Voters’ Needs
3/24/2017 10:30:07 AM
As consideration of the Republican health bill stalls on Capitol Hill, opinion writers find many faults.