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CBO Deals Blow To Senate Health Bill With Estimate Of 22 Million More Uninsured
6/26/2017 08:58:56 PM
The much anticipated score by the nonpartisan agency could make it more difficult for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to round up the 50 votes he needs to pass his plan to replace Obamacare.
Senate And House Take Different Plans To Scrap Individual Mandate
6/26/2017 06:30:28 PM
The penalty would affect people buying insurance who had a lapse in coverage of more than 63 days over a year. A surcharge of 30 percent would be attached to their premiums for a year.
CBO Report: An Additional 22 Million Would Lose Insurance By 2026 Under Senate bill
6/26/2017 04:34:20 PM
This estimate is slightly lower than the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office projected for the House-passed American Health Care Act.
Patients With Mental Disorders Get Half Of All Opioid Prescriptions
6/26/2017 03:47:12 PM
A study finds that nearly 19 percent of people with mental illnesses use prescription drugs, while only 5 percent of other people do.
Viewpoints: Are Safe Injection Sites Safe?; Thinking About Fake [Health] News
6/26/2017 09:29:47 AM
A selection of opinions on health care from around the country.
Parsing The Policies: What About Pre-Existing Conditions? Insurance Market Stability? Coverage For People With Disabilities?
6/26/2017 09:29:43 AM
Editorial and opinion writers examine how the health policies currently being debated will affect people who gained coverage under the Affordable Care Act as well as how forces within the health insurance marketplace would be altered by the Republicans' plan and how vulnerable populations could be impacted.
Different Takes On The Politics Swirling Around The Senate GOP’s Health Plan
6/26/2017 09:29:38 AM
Opinion writers offer their thoughts on the high political stakes in play regarding the legislation that the Senate Republican leadership has named The Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017. But will it be better?
State Perspectives: Counting The Reasons To Oppose Republican Plans For Medicaid
6/26/2017 09:29:34 AM
Editorial pages across the country detail how their states and jurisdictions would be hit by the proposed cuts to this program.
The Medicaid Debate: Does The Senate GOP Plan Mean Reform Or Is It Just Plain Mean
6/26/2017 09:29:30 AM
Editorial writers take hard-line positions on how the pending GOP repeal-and-replace plans would reduce funding for the low-income health insurance program and change its structure.
Research Roundup: AHCA’s Impact On Medicaid; Hearing Aids In Free Clinics
6/26/2017 09:29:24 AM
Each week, KHN compiles a selection of recently released health policy studies and briefs.