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Viewpoints: Reform Obamacare? GOP Is More Focused On Elections; Listen, Doctors: Opioid Crisis Cries Out For Trimming Prescriptions
3/20/2018 08:48:02 AM
Editorial pages focus on these health topics and others.
State Highlights: Minnesota To Require Documentation After Open Enrollment; Texas Revises Special Education Plans Without Extra Funds
3/20/2018 08:47:58 AM
Media outlets report on news from Minnesota, Texas, Maryland, Ohio, Illinois, Arizona, California, Kansas and Florida.
Teen Suicide Spiked By 70 Percent In Span Of Ten Years. What’s Going On?
3/20/2018 08:47:53 AM
USA Today examines the unique struggles facing teens in a digital age. In other public health news: where to sit on an airplane to avoid getting sick; disparities in autism diagnoses; gut microbes; disease detectives; and more.
Tennessee Lacks Legal Standing To Sue Over Medicaid Benefits For Refugees, Judge Rules
3/20/2018 08:47:49 AM
Tennessee had sued the government over its requirement that the state provide Medicaid benefits to refugees or risk losing funds. Meanwhile, the Tennessee House voted to direct the governor to take steps toward adding work requirements to the state's program.
Remarkable Cancer Drugs Come With Fatal Side Effect For Some, And Researchers Don’t Know Why
3/20/2018 08:47:45 AM
The class of drugs known as checkpoint inhibitors causes an inflammation of the heart muscles. As the use of the drugs expands, researchers are sure that more people will develop deadly heart conditions. In other pharmaceutical news: FDA approval for rare drugs; lung cancer treatments; lawsuits over antipsychotic drug side effects; and right-to-try legislation.
Prominent GOP Senator Voices Support For Shulkin As Trump Mulls Possible Replacement
3/20/2018 08:47:42 AM
Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.) has made the case to President Donald Trump that VA Secretary David Shulkin has done “a great job” despite a few bumps in the road. Some reports have suggested Trump wants to replace him with Fox News personality Pete Hegseth, who Republicans know would be difficult to confirm in the Senate.
Swift Legal Action Follows In Wake Of Miss. Governor Signing 15-Week Abortion Ban
3/20/2018 08:47:37 AM
“We are saving more of the unborn than any state in America, and what better thing we could do,” Gov. Phil Bryant (R-Miss.) said. But some lawyers argue the law violates longstanding Supreme Court precedent that states may not ban abortions before they are deemed viable outside the womb, which is generally at about 24 to 26 weeks.
Supreme Court To Hear Arguments On If ‘Crisis Pregnancy Centers’ Should Be Required To Talk About Abortion Options
3/20/2018 08:47:33 AM
The case, coming out out of California, brings together two contentious issues: freedom of speech and abortion. However, whatever the court decides would affect the legality of the procedure.
Abortion Continues To Jam Up Spending Bill Negotiations As Shutdown Deadline Ticks Ever Closer
3/20/2018 08:47:28 AM
It's also unlikely that measures to shore up the health law marketplace will make it into the final version of the legislation. Lawmakers are facing down a third shutdown in as many months.
Trump Talks Tough On Drug Traffickers, Immigrants, But Leaves Out Funding Details For New Opioid Plan
3/20/2018 08:47:23 AM
“If we don’t get tougher on drug dealers, we are wasting our time,” President Donald Trump said in New Hampshire while offering an overview of his plan to fight the opioid crisis. While some advocates lauded elements of the blueprint, questions about additional money and a focus on punishment raised some concerns.