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Brexit is a bitter pill for many foreign doctors
1/21/2018 03:21:33 AM
Even before Britain voted to leave the European Union, the financially strapped NHS was beset by workforce shortages. And Brexit is only making matters worse.
Custom aorta saves lives, leads to quicker recovery
1/20/2018 07:29:51 PM
A personalized approach at the Mayo Clinic, is saving lives for often deadly abdominal aortic aneurysms.
Without CHIP funding, 1.7 million kids could lose healthcare in weeks
1/20/2018 07:19:00 PM
"I'm tired of my daughter's health being used as a political weapon," said Lisa Nunez, whose 11-year-old daughter is a CHIP recipient.
How the government shutdown might affect your health
1/20/2018 05:44:00 PM
In all, the Department of Health and Human Services will send home — or furlough — about half of its employees, or nearly 41,000 people.
New Trump HHS rules reverse Obama protections
1/20/2018 03:49:53 PM
New rules from the Health and Human Services Department will let state Medicaid programs freeze out Planned Parenthood and protect religious beliefs of doctors
Flu season intensifies; 30 children have died
1/20/2018 03:46:26 PM
Influenza virus is still spreading. The CDC reports flu activity intensified across the U.S. this week, and 30 children have died this flu season
Could flu be spread just by breathing?
1/20/2018 03:31:59 PM
Influenza virus might be spread simply by breathing, a new flu experiment shows. And here's why that's news.
New 'religious freedom' division sows fears of LGBTQ discrimination
1/20/2018 11:48:40 AM
Health and Human Services' creation of a Conscience and Religious Freedom Division is being seen by many as a "license to discriminate."
Healthy tweaks to make your diet today, according to nutritionists
1/20/2018 09:42:00 AM
Forget fad diets. Try these eight simple changes for a healthier 2018.
Yes, People Really Are Eating Tide Pods. No, It’s Not Safe.
1/20/2018 08:43:35 AM
An improbable and dangerous idea promoted on the internet has become a cause for genuine concern, the authorities said.