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Program Aims to Keep OB/GYNs in Rural America
8/19/2017 08:27:37 PM
A new program aims to encourage obstetricians and OB/GYNs working in rural America, so women don't have to travel for hours to give birth in maternity wards
Taraji P. Henson: 'These Things Happen to Put a Mirror Up to Humanity'
8/18/2017 04:54:00 PM
'When you know better, you do better.'
How Vacationing at a Farm Sanctuary Changed My Urban Perspective
8/18/2017 02:44:00 PM
NBC News Journalist Robin Kawakami left the bustle of New York City to spend the weekend with 700 animals in upstate New York.
Why Being a Cat Lady Is Healthy
8/18/2017 01:19:53 PM
Research says kitties are good for you.
Meningitis B Killed Their Daughters. Now These Moms Have a Message
8/18/2017 09:13:00 AM
Doctors say bacterial meningitis is a horrific disease that most often strikes babies and young adults. If left untreated it can be fatal in a matter of hours.
Women of Sex Tech, Unite
8/18/2017 08:00:29 AM
New York is becoming a cultural center for young women trying to disrupt the male-dominated industries of design engineering and sex toys.
Coping With Depression as Love Wins the Day
8/18/2017 07:00:38 AM
After suicidal thoughts put an Episcopal-priest-to-be into the hospital, a fellow seminarian came to realize how much he loved her.
The Weekly Health Quiz: Guns, Sperm and Brainpower
8/18/2017 07:00:01 AM
Test your knowledge of this week’s health news.
Married to a Mystery Man
8/18/2017 01:02:04 AM
A woman comes to the conclusion that it’s not a lack of love that ends long-term relationships; it’s a lack of curiosity.
Did Marijuana Kill This Young Man?
8/17/2017 06:43:21 PM
Michael Ziobro's parents believe strong marijuana killed him. But there may be too little evidence on the safety and benefits of cannabis to ever say for sure.