Today's Wellness News

No more menthol? FDA to limit tobacco flavoring
3/20/2018 09:53:24 AM
FDA asks for input on limiting cigars, chewing tobacco, and e-cigarettes, too
New male pill looks safe but does it work?
3/20/2018 07:54:13 AM
Men who took it gained weight
You May Be Using Your Child’s Car Seat Incorrectly
3/20/2018 06:00:01 AM
Many people misuse their car seats so they are not getting the protection they expect.
What Young Rats’ Workouts Could Tell Us About the Human Heart
3/20/2018 05:00:11 AM
Exercising as a youngster might mean more heart-muscle cells as a grown-up.
When Doctors Don’t Listen to Women
3/19/2018 03:54:29 PM
Abby Norman’s “Ask Me About My Uterus” describes her quest to get proper medical attention.
Girl Scout cookies, ranked from better to worst
3/19/2018 01:14:00 PM
Does your favorite Girl Scout cookie pass this nutritional sniff test?
CDC strengthens yellow fever travel warning
3/18/2018 11:35:10 AM
Four travelers have died from the virus. Even areas near big cities are affected.
The best way to burn more calories when you work out
3/18/2018 08:55:20 AM
Here's how to maximize your workout, torch more calories and build muscle.
How 'effective communication' helped this couple stop arguing
3/18/2018 08:37:00 AM
The idea is to talk about your feelings and needs without making judgments so you can really be heard.
Science-backed reasons to have a pint on St. Patrick's Day
3/17/2018 12:54:00 PM
A pint of beer a day may come with a host of health benefits.